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So Much World, So Little Time

So Much World, So Little Time

Where to Visit Right now


There are countless life-changing, inspiring, incredible travel destinations awaiting any eager vacationer, so naturally picking your next destination may not be a simple task. But when asked “Where should I visit next?”, it is my humble opinion, (well maybe not that humble) that there is one place that you’ll want to be on the next flight, bus, and boat to: And that is the gorgeous island of Koh Rong off the Southern tip of Cambodia.


Why Koh Rong?


            Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia, but feels like the tiniest, most intimate neighborhood. And not just any neighborhood, a rustic locale cushioned between sparkling turquoise waters and lush, green jungles. In contrast to some other cities I’ve visited in South East Asia, Koh Rong seamlessly blends locals, ex-pats, and tourists into one big melting pot of fun and positive energy. Because the main strip on the island is so small everyone seems to know each other and if you stay for more than a few days, you will too.

Koh Rong truly offers something for everyone. So grab your new island best friends and get ready to find just what you need. From jungle hikes and boat tours for the adventurers, to hammock lounging and private secluded beaches for some serious R & R, plenty of delicious locale fare and western offerings for the foodie fanatics, and just enough nightlife if you’re looking for an all-night, glitter bombed, sweaty dance party (most likely leading to an equally sweaty sunrise beach party, and then day party, and then…well you get the point)


Why Now?


            Now I’m sure all of this sounds well and good to you, and you’re probably thinking well that sounds fun, I might be into that, but no big rush. Well pause right now and rethink that thought, because unfortunately there is a big rush. If you would like to see Koh Rong in it’s current, charming neighborly state then you better act fast. In 2008 The Royal Government of Cambodia granted a 99-year lease of land concession to The Royal Group to develop our favorite little island hangout and construction has already begun. For now most of the development is happening in other parts of the island leaving our treasured neighborhood in tact, but not for long.

            If you want to explore a beautiful island and truly become a part of it, even if just for a few days, don’t wait, book now, thank me later ; )

Welcome to the Unlost Wanderer

Welcome to the Unlost Wanderer

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