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Hi. Welcome to my Wandering World.

I’m a free-spirit, travel fanatic, lover of life and the creatures in it. I'm currently working and living out of beautiful San Francisco, CA. Here on The Unlost Wanderer I'd like to share some of my journey and travel experiences with you. 

In addition, I truly hope this blog inspires you to explore some fun, new places. And I would love to hear of your wanderings and thoughts as well. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!




Welcome to the Unlost Wanderer

Welcome to the Unlost Wanderer

            I’m Laura Noelle and I am the Unlost Wanderer. You may be thinking what does that even mean? And how does one become unlost and wandering? Is that a good thing? Well I’m here to tell you for me it really is.

            Let’s begin by breaking it down, Unlost simply means what it says, I am not lost. However, I am a Wanderer. And that means I am not destination focused. I believe in finding joy wherever you find yourself. This may mean at home, work, school, on a tropical island, at the top of a snowy mountain, anywhere you happen to be.

            While I love to travel, it’s never mattered to me where I end up. I’m happiest doing anything I’ve never done before, and exploring any place I’ve never been before, and meeting anyone I’ve never met before. I don’t feel a strict plan and specific endpoint are necessary for me to be happy, and whole.

            I have always found joy in exploration of the unknown, and 2017 I really kicked it up a notch. I left a steady job of 5 years, gave up the best apartment I ever had (I had a private backyard garden in San Francisco- almost unheard of), and put everything I owned in storage. I packed a backpack with some things and bought a one way ticket. I had a few destinations I really wanted to see and everything else I played by ear, letting my wandering soul guide me.

            I began an indeterminate adventure in female solo travel and began living in a way that truly nurtured the wanderer in me. Here at The Unlost Wanderer I would like to share some of my travel revelations, experience, advice, and wanderings with you. In time I hope this may encourage some wanderings of your own. And would love to hear about your wandering journey as well. Feel free to leave a comment and follow me on social media as well for even more wandering adventures.

            It’s a big, beautiful, world out there, let’s wander!

So Much World, So Little Time

So Much World, So Little Time

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