Hello, my name is Laura Noelle

And This is The Unlost Wanderer.

Here, it’s all about finding the fun, beauty, joy, passion in whatever life has in store. It’s all about getting the most from life. While I love to travel and do plenty of that, The Unlost Wanderer is here for more than just travel. Travel often evokes thoughts of the destination, (and while we love those), Here at The Unlost Wanderer, it’s also about the journey.

This is a space for celebrating the possibilities in life whatever and wherever they may be. I’m all about finding new adventures and exploring, curiosity of everything, and sharing and celebrating in the human connections along the way. I believe you can find these blessings everywhere from Timbuktu to your own backyard (and they can be one in the same, if you happen to live in Timbuktu of course).

Here at The Unlost Wanderer you’ll never know what will happen next, and that’s just how we like it.